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Welcome to Ladder7

Ladder7 Financial Advisories is a Mumbai ( Bombay ), India based Professional Financial Planning & wealth advisory firm, offering fee-only planning & advisory services for families/ individuals. We have registered with SEBI as an Investment Adviser. We have evolved into an eminent financial planning & wealth advisory firm that is trusted for their professional competence, relied on for the top quality of advisories and depended upon due to their integrity, ethics & trustworthiness. We have been in the field of financial advisories since 2004 making us one of the most experienced financial planners / advisors in the country. Ladder7 FA specializes in offering detailed & holistic Financial Planning & advisory services to our clients, in India / worldwide, with help from technology.

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What Clients say about us

I discussed my financial Plan with a friend, who is Head of Risk and Compliance in a leading African Bank and his reaction was - 'I have never seen such a detailed and organised plan ever in my life.'

– Janmesh Srivastava, London

Ladder7 is the most professional outfit I have every worked with. They are very responsive, extremely ethical and sincere. I trust them implicitly and hope to continue our association with them.

– Jivitha Crasta, New Delhi

My experience with Ladder7 was awesome. If you need an investment advisor or financial planner who is ethical, detailed, basic, professional and focused, Ladder7 is the place to go. They don't push you for anything expect making your financial life better.

– Radhey Sharma CFP CM, Pune

I have been with Ladder 7 for more than 3 years now. I would recommend them strongly for anybody looking to invest wisely and meet their long term goals in life.

– C.K.Venkatraman, Mumbai

They seem to be wearing the "client servicing" motto on their sleeve as my inquiries and questions have always been answered promptly and to my satisfaction.

– S.G.Radhakrishnan, Mumbai

Suresh and his team shine like a beacon with their integrity and ethical approach in their guiding me in achieving my financial goals.

– Pauroos D Karkaria, Mumbai

Suresh Sadagopan and his Ladder7 team have been fantastic. They have reviewed our financial situation and goals holistically, and suggested a sensible asset allocation, along with suitable funds to invest in.

– Surendra Ranganath, Puducherry

I have been associated with Ladder 7 Financial Advisories from 2009. It has been a wonderful experience to have Suresh Sadagopan & his team of Certified financial planners working for financial well being of my family.

– Dr. Vikas Sehgal, Ambala, Haryana

I have been dealing with Ladder7's team under Suresh for over an year a now. Gaining access to their services has helped me ease out the burden to organize my finances and streamline my portfolio also.

– Abhishek Dwivedi, Navi Mumbai

Ladder 7 is a very professionally managed company. I am using their advice for the past 5 years and find them to be credible, committed and passionate in their dealings.

– Kartik Sharma, Mumbai

Ladder7 Financial Advisories have helped me in sorting out my finances. I have been using their services over two years and they have been able to provide quality advice after fully analyzing my situation and preparing a comprehensive financial plan & accounting for all my goals.

– Nitin Setia, Vietnam

I got a very detailed financial plan, which went into each and every aspect of my finance and requirements. Their post plan services was pretty good as well

– Vivaswan Bhattacharya, Kolkata

Ladder7 Financial Advisories is a very professional firm. Their financial plan is very comprehensive and the level of detailing they go into is fantastic.

– D.Rajagopal, Vadodara

I want to recommend Ladder7 (and Sage Counsel too) to anyone who wants to understand the importance of financial planning & implementation and more importantly how to benefit from it.

– Amit Joshi, Pune

Suresh and his team has taken interest to give me good quality and sound financial advice and also implemented it smoothly over the years and earned my trust.

– Dhawal Katkar, Mumbai

Suresh and his team are my trusted advisors friend and extended family. I have never taken any financial decision without taking Suresh's inputs. I am very impressed by his simplicity...

– Priten Bangdiwala, Mumbai

Having Ladder 7 as our financial planner has helped us a lot. Mainly, it has made us realize the importance of having a goal-based approach to planning our finances.

– Ganesh & Charu, Bangalore

On any day, I would recommend Ladder 7 to anyone who wants to get their financials in order. The best place for you!

– Seshadri Krishnan, Bangalore

Like we engage lawyers on legal matters, surgeons for surgery, we should not experiment ourselves on financial planning. Ladder7 is therefore a firm which I strongly recommend to all prospective customers who are grappling with doing this themselves.

– Manoj Ramakrishnan, Sunita Manoj, Mumbai

I liked the sane and sensible approach of Suresh and Ladder 7, and also appreciated Suresh's efforts in spreading financial literacy

– Venkatesh Hariharan, Mumbai

I can say that Mr Suresh advises are responsible for my wealth creation and my financial security of my future. I observed him to be genuine, highly professional and customer centric.

– T.N.Suresh, Mumbai

Suresh has set a personal example with the Ladder7 team that makes them very customer focused. Over the years the level of trust developed is so high that I no longer consider them as a service provider but more as a friend and guide.

– Suman Datta, Pune

Suresh Sadagopan and his committed team have developed a robust process to capture all key pieces of information and show an analysis-based plan.And that’s what we had missed earlier while discussing with Advisors from Banks & Financial Institutions.

– Alok Ranjan Singh, Malaysia

The Advisory team at Ladder7 is world class in the way they use international tools, follow set processes and are very professional in their dealings. And they offer end-to-end solutions for individuals and families.

– Suku Murti, Mumbai

From a stage of scattered, unorganized, goal less and inadequate financial investments, it was a dream change to come to the state of completely assured and relaxed in terms of one's financial road map

– Sandeep Desai, Mumbai

My life has totally changed from the financial planning perspective. I am feeling more secured in life now for myself and my family.

– Guruprasad Rao, Mumbai

The experience post engagement left me with a big regret……… “Why on earth did we not do this much earlier?”

– Dilip Seshadri, Bangalore

My experience with Ladder 7- was equivalent to undergoing a thorough medical check-up. The kind of information sought , discussed and documented is a good assessment of my financial health.

– Ramachandran K, Chennai

The financial planner assigned to me explained the rationale behind his recommendations in detail, which helped me understand the efforts and thought process put in to each and every recommendation.

– Priyadarshini, Bangalore

I came to Ladder 7 purely on the basis of an internet search, and I'm happy to say I've had no reason to regret the decision in any way.

– L. Mathew, Mumbai

Suresh Sadagopan & his team at Ladder7 is Trust,Integrity & Quality personified, resulting in absolute value for money.

– Bharath Mandon, Saudi Arabia

The level of detail that Suresh and the team at Ladder7 went into our financial planning has been incredible, and super-helpful.

– Ranga & Shubha, Bangalore

To summarize my experience with ladder 7 it is 1 plus 1=3.

– Murali / Sumitra, Bengaluru

I found the entire team very professional, prompt and focussed. They follow an elaborate and rigorous process, which prompts you to think carefully about your plans at every stage.

– Corporate Lawyer, Mumbai

If there's one regret I carry at the end of the engagement with Ladder7, it's that of not having done it a lot earlier

– Rahul T, Bengaluru

Other than the meticulous financial plan, what we love is the information that is regularly sent our way so that we remain up-to-date about the developments in the financial realm.

– Bindhu & Radhakrishnan Unny, Mumbai

The team is excellent with solid leadership from Suresh, who is a pioneer in this field and has deep expertise in all areas of financial planning and is well supported by an excellent team of experts.

– Nikhil Kumar, South Africa

Was very happy with the fact that the plan was single minded in client focus and whats in the best interests of the client.

– Arvind Venkatachary, Mumbai

I could take bold step of sending my daughter to University in US, which is going to cost me few crore rupees due to confidence in my financials coming from diligent planning and execution with the help from Suresh’s team

– Rupesh Agarwal, Mumbai

The team was very professional in their approach.... they clarified all the questions and doubts I had and explained in detail the various aspects of the plan they had created for me...

– Rajagopalan L, Thane

The services of Mr Suresh Sadagopan himself leading the discussions along with Mr ​Ali Ishaan​ at Ladder & Mr Shankar at Sage Counsel was a very comfortable experience

– Ramachandran K, Chennai

The plan shared by Ladder7 helped us understand our own financial situation in a much better manner with clarity on what we need to do to get where we want to.

– Noopur R, Bangalore

Mr Suresh and his team deliver truly professional financial planning services and put their clients’ interests first – I’d happily recommend LADDER7 to anyone wanting a holistic personalised service.

– Mahesh Vala, Babrala, UP
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