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About us

Ladder7 Financial Advisories is a specialist firm focusing on Financial Planning & Wealth Management Advice. We have been offering these services since 2004 and have experience working with a diverse set of individuals – from career beginners, experienced / seasoned professionals to those near retirement or into retirement.  We have experience handling people with different personal status like single, married, divorced, widowed. We have dealt with people with diverse goals, personal situations, specific problem/ constraints, varying financial positions and level of evolution in financial matters. We would be able to best service salaried people & professionals.


"You need to choose the best surgeon for operation - not the cheapest... same is true for advisors"


Experience & Expertise : We advice clients in their best interest as Fiduciaries. Our planning & advisories assist our clients in getting clarity & peace of mind. We have adequate experience in handling diverse client situations and have a team of experienced Financial Planners who have the CFPCM certification or have completed the education requirements in the program. We would hence be able to offer appropriate, client centric advice after due consideration of their needs, personal situation and after detailed analysis & deliberations. Our clients can leverage our experience & expertise to get to well suited advice, in their situation.

Registered Investment Adviser :  Suresh Sadagopan, the founder of Ladder7, is registered with SEBI as Investment Adviser ( RIA ) under it's regulations and the advisory staff are his representatives. This is a stringent regulation that allows the Advisor to only charge fees from clients and not receive any commissions/ incentives/ brokerage from product distribution. The regulation also enforces stringent compliance, year-end process audits, higher standards of education/ experience & certification, fiduciary responsibility to clients, robust processes for ensuring proper risk alignment, suitability of products recommended etc.

We are working on a fee-only charge model for Financial Planning. This ensures that the advice dispensed is conflict free, dispassionate & unbiased. Once the advice is given, our client is at liberty to execute the recommendations wherever they want,

Advice delivery & engagement : We work from Navi Mumbai and handle clients all across the country and abroad, from this office. Apart from Mumbai, we have clients in Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmedabad and other places. We work with NRIs too from places like USA, UK ( England ), Malaysia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Nigeria etc. We use technology to help us service our clients, during our planning interactions and beyond. With technology, we are able to give our clients an immersive experience, as they would have in a face to face interaction.

You could trust us to do the right thing by you, as we swear by two cornerstone principles - ethics & integrity. We are looking for long-term, win - win relationships with all our clients.

Come to us for your Success Planned !