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Training/ Education Sessions

Employers today face the problem of employees leaving, for what they perceive as greener pastures. Many believe that more pay will solve their money problems. That is a myth. Money problems do not go away, if one earns more. Those who have money problems have them because their financial management is poor. Money problem is hence, just a symptom. The true underlying problem is the incorrect understanding about money and it's wrong application.

Addressing this would help employees in understanding and solving their money woes. It will help the employer in bringing down attrition, when the employees realize that their problems are not really connected with their income, but lie elsewhere.

We can conduct sessions for the personnel in your organisation, to educate them on personal finance matters and to help them understand the importance of Financial Planning. We have a half day and one day format, based on your specific requirements. These sessions would be conducted/ facilitated by Financial Planner(s) from our team, all of whom are practicing Financial Planners at Ladder7 Financial Advisories and have wide-ranging experience and deep understanding of financial planning.

These sessions are charged, on a per session basis. We would be conducting the session at your premises itself. Maximum number of participants per session is thirty. We would also be happy to offer special rates for financial planning, incase ten or more opt for it.

For further information, please do contact us or send us a request.